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Beluga Whale Monterey Bay Aquarium Model Toy


The Beluga Whale Monterey Bay Aquarium Model Toyis one of the many brilliant replicas in the world’s premier line of vinyl sea life model toys. Sculpted under the direction of the curators and educators of the renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, this beautiful 9 inch sea life model is a true marvel. Authentically crafted on a 1:20 scale, each sea life toy model is carefully hand painted and accompanied with a 5 language data hang tag providing information on Beluga Whales. This magnificent reproduction makes a great decoration for an ocean themed room or office. Teachers will really enjoy using this life like sea model to provide a fun and unique learning experience in the classroom. Kids and adults alike can collect the Beluga Whale and the entire Monterey Bay line all the while bringing the marvels of the ocean into the home or classroom without getting wet. Get your kids interested in amazing ocean life with the Beluga Whale Monterey Bay Aquarium Model Toy!


All About Beluga Whales


The unique beluga whale is a small whale that starts out a brownish color and becomes white as an adult. Beluga whales have an odd blunt head with a rounded melon on top. Like dolphins, they have one blow hole near the top of their heads. These white beauties grow to roughly 15 feet in length and 3,300 pounds on average. With 34 sharp teeth beluga whales don’t chew their food, instead swallowing their prey whole. Belugas can dive for 3 to 15 minutes while hunting and travel about 1.5 miles during each dive. Though they usually stay at a depth of about 66 feet, beluga whales can dive to an amazing depth of 1,300 to 2,100 feet at times. Though typically slow swimmers, averaging 2 to 6 miles per hour, belugas can lurch into short 15 minute spurts of 14 mile per hour speeds. Scientist estimate there are roughly 40,000 to 80,000 belugas across the globe, several species are endangered or threatened and need our help to keep their species alive.  


Monterey Bay and Attractions


The beautiful Monterey Bay is a Pacific Ocean bay located along the central coast of California between Santa Cruz and Monterey. Monterey Bay is home to a mass variety of marine animals like seals, dolphins and otters and is even on the migratory path of some whale species. Multiple species of fish, sharks, and similar marine life inhabit the Bay along with several varieties of kelp that grow into enormous kelp forest.  Another interesting feature of Monterey Bay is the Monterey Canyon, one of the world’s largest underwater canyons. Beyond its sheer natural beauty, visitors are also attracted to Monterey Bay to peruse the Monterey Bay Aquarium. With around 550 species of marine life on display, visitors can spend all day exploring the awe inspiring exhibits the aquarium has to offer. From turtles and jelly fish to their own kelp forest the Monterey Bay Aquarium presents the natural beauty of the bay in a safe and organized environment that visitors of all ages are sure to enjoy. 

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