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Himalayan Salt Candle Holder
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These Himalayan salt candle holders are perfect for creating a warm, relaxed ambiance in any space. Simply drop a tealight candle into your candle holder and enjoy!

About 4" x 4" x 4"

About 1 lb.

Hand-carved from beautiful pink Himalayan salt.

Natural shape.

Each piece is unique. Color, shape, size, and weight may vary.

Candle not included.

CARE FOR YOUR CANDLE HOLDER: Salt may sweat with excessive humidity. If moisture begins to collect on the surface of your candle holder, simply wipe it down with a cloth.

These Himalayan Salt candleholders were formed millions of years ago. The candle holders emit negative ions that cleanse and purify the air. These unique candleholders provide a beautiful glow creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

These are designed to be used with a tealight candle only! A candle may become hot during use. Burn on a heatproof surface, away from flammable materials.

Salt draws water from the surrounding atmosphere. Salt products should never be kept in a humid environment or placed outdoors. If you keep salt on a wooden surface, please make sure that it has a waterproof base so furniture does not be

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