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Store for Knowledge is a family owned and operated business started in 2001. We have come a long ways from a small hobby site for paleontology and geology, to now offering thousands of products ranging from almost every educational subject.  Our business was made on the foundation of providing unique products that you do not find at big chains such as Wal-Mart or Target.  We strive to provide quality products that entertain and educate at the same time. 

Our story is unique and we are happy to share it with our customers.  It all started with my interest in paleontology and geology. Growing up, my father worked as the Park Superintendent at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, TX, and I had the privilege of getting to live in the park my entire childhood and teenage years. The park is known for it's well preserved dinosaur tracks along the Paluxy river bed, and I developed a strong appreciation for natural history and preservation. That life-long love of paleontology translated to countless learning opportunities for me, and by the time I arrived at college, I knew I wanted to have a career that merged my e-commerce interests and paleontology/geology. That opportunity came when, Store for's predecessor, was created as a college class project in a small upstairs apartment in the town of Stephenville, TX. We started with selling dinosaur models, replicas, books, games, etc.  While attending Tarleton State University pursuing my economics and finance degree and my masters degree in management, the “class project” grew.  It took me almost nine months, a couple of school loan checks, and a lot of hard work before I received just one order.  But when I received that first single order, it meant the world to me and struck a entrepreneurial spirit in me that would not go away. 




A week later I received another small order, then one or two a day, and so on.  On a small scale it was almost like one of those commercials where the guys are sitting in front of the computer patiently waiting for an order –then one comes in, then another one, and then all of the sudden numerous orders were coming in and they turn and look at each other and wonder “what do we do now”?!?  By the next holiday season business was good.  My best friend and I were packing like crazy trying to get orders out.  We would back our trucks up as close as we could to the apartment complex, and I would chunk them down to my friend (we were gentle with the boxes, I promise).  I remember my neighbors looking at us like we were crazy wondering what were we doing and what was up with all those boxes coming in and out of that small apartment.  We would make trip after trip back and forth to the post office.   The next year I moved to a 3 bedroom duplex with a garage.  I thought I was really moving up in the world.  A little more room, but products were still stacked to the ceiling, and eventually even our kitchen and living room were full of toys.  After a couple of years of this, I finally found a small piece of land in town that had a old ‘For Sale’ sign laying on the ground that was just big enough to build a small warehouse on.  So I started my battle with my local bank to give me just enough money to get the land and get started on the warehouse.  My father, uncle, friends and employees helped build the offices and our warehouse which we still operate out of today.  

We have had the best employees at Store for Knowledge.  Over 100 unique individuals have been employeed by Store for Knowledge in the last 20 years and have contributed in their on way to our success.  Most of them are college students from Tarleton State University. We do a few more orders than we used to do and are quite a bit more organized.  We ship all of orders same day by 2:00 pm CST M-F so we’ve really had to work to stream line our processing method.  We have the greatest employees at Store for Knowledge and am blessed to have such an intelligent wife to help with advice and support for the company.  I’m sure she will be proof reading this section of the site I’m writing right now, correcting all my grammar mistakes… We have added 2 wonderfull children to the familly which you may see on our YouTube channel and product videos from time to time.  Like alot of fathers I am so proud of them and like to brag as much as possible.



We strive to provide the best customer service possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you ever have any type of question or problem.  I love to hear suggestions good or bad.  They all help in providing a better online shopping experience.  One thing I have learned is to listen.  

Paul Baker
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