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Polar Desert Sandscape - Science of Spacing Out
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  • This desktop motion relaxer inspires calm moods with its gently shifting sandscape.
  • Once it empties into the bottom, gently flip to create a whole new scene.
  • Measures 8" x 5-3/4".
  • Great gift idea
  • Inspired by ice deserts
  • AGES 8+
Timepiece Laboratory
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  • With this amazing pendulum clock, which is all ready to be assembled, you'll discover one of the most ancient and studied subjects in history: time!
  •  A kit for discovering the secrets and working mechanisms of a clock!
  •  A rich illustrated manual for learning how the power transmitted by a spring moves the hands of a clock!
  • AGES 8+

Go beyond the textbook and make learning about science a fun experience with the science kits collection at Store for Knowledge. Here you will find all kinds of cool hands on science kits and projects that challenge you child’s thinking and allow them to learn about tons of complex science lessons on a level easy for them to understand. Our science kits collection is broken down into multiple categories to make it easy to find exactly what kit you want! In our science kits category you will find kits for just about any science subject your child is interested in. The science toys category contains all kinds of cool science equipment made for kids and fun science toys that are sure to fascinate them! Get your kids caught up with the green scene with the green science kits category. The science posters category provides a super cool collection of fun and educational posters great for kids and teachers both. Our human body category and the anatomy models / toy replicas category are like anatomy 101 for kids and provide everything you need to teach kids all about their bodies. In the science books and videos category you’ll find tons of amazing books and videos on all things science that are sure to intrigue kids and adults alike! With the solar kits and toys collection kids get the vast concepts of the sun and solar energy broken down in easy to learn hands on lessons. The optical illusions category is sure to send kids for a spin as they experience some of the coolest optical illusions on the market. Our weights and measures category provides all the weighing and measuring tools you could need for a science experiment created just for kids use. Let kids learn the secret behind how magnets attract with the magnet category. Show students what the bones in their body really look like with our skeleton models category. With the weather toys and kits category you can put the vast concept of weather into the palms of your child’s hands in a way that’s easy for them to understand. With all these great categories to choose from the learning experiences available in our science kits collection is never ending. These kits are great for both at home and in the classroom learning. Kids love using them as bases for science fair projects and teachers love using them as teaching aids in the classroom. Bring the textbook to life and let your kids do a little hands on learning about the amazing world of science with the science kits collection at Store for Knowledge. 

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