• X-Large 4" to 5" Break Open Your Own Geodes Gift Bag - 3 Pack

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X-Large 3 Break your own Geodes with Gift Bag

Includes 1 Free semi-precious gemstone (type varies on stock level)

Grab a bag of geodes for a fun and educational project.  You will receive 3 large 4" to 5" Break Open Whole Moroccan Geodes Hollow Crystal Centers in a neat vintage looking canvas bag.  Makes a unique gift idea. Also great for classrooms and other educational groups. Moroccan geodes produce a great looking geode when cracked open. Openning them is easy. They are more hollow than other geodes and therefor break open easier. They also tend to produce more crystals. Over 99% of our moroccan geodes have awesome crystals waiting to be discovered. Just grab a sock and a hammer and crack open a geode. Easy as that. Moroccan geodes are a great pick as a gift or a classroom project. We have Geodes from all over the world and these seem to be a favorite with many of our customers as they are easy to break open, very economically priced and very pretty after being cracked open.


4 to 5 lbs


Ages 8+


Always wear protective eye equipment with adult supervision



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by Jim
on 6/2/2022
from Tulsa
Very large specimens
I could not be happier with both the quality and the speed of my order. I have already placed a second order!
by Amy
on 3/1/2019
from Cedar park
Wow! Great quality!
I ordered Geodes from 3 different places.  These were by far the best geodes.  Two were perfect inside.  One was perfect beautiful white and one was amethyst inside (very surprised).  The last was so full of crystals we couldn’t break it.  But we did get it open enough to see the inside and it would have been an amazing Geode to cut.  It didn’t crack like the others but it was so bountiful with crystals I still loved it.  Thank you for such beautiful geodes!
by Danisa
on 5/30/2018
from Keller
One of my twins is fascinated by rocks and he's been asking me forever to "go find geodes". Because I don't know where to find, I thought of buying some. After almost buying smaller ones on a different website (just because were cheaper) I decided to listen to one review that said there are way better ones out there. Searching the net, I came across this company and I went ahead a give it a try. THE BEST decision regarding the geodes. 
Huge geodes, wonderful inside!!! 
Because ours were white and light gray-ish, we only wish that were different colors too.
It's a fun way to amaze your kids. 
by Alex
on 2/9/2018
from San Leandro
10's across the board
I have made different orders to really get a sense of the size of the geodes. I mean, they can say 4 or 5 inch but really shows up, right? The order I got did NOT disappoint. 2 out of the 3 Geodes were 5 inch and fully intact. Some Geode suppliers don't take packaging seriously. These folks do.
by Stefan
on 1/20/2018
from U.S.A. #1
Geodes! Easy shopping and fast fulfilment!
Easy to order, shipped fast! The box it arrived in was damaged ( shipping company's fault) but Store for Knowledge packaged the geodes correctly and it prevented items from becoming lost! Im very happy about that! Items were as described and are very beautiful! 
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