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Therinzinosaurus Dinosaur Claw Replica (23 inches long)

With broad hips and a pot belly, this dinosaur was perhaps the strangest-looking of all dinosaurs. An adult Therizinosaurus is thought to have weighed about 6 tonnes, that’s as heavy as a large Tyrannosaurus rex. It lived in the same area of today’s Mongolia as the notorious Velociraptor, but around 5 million years later. By then a wetter climate had replaced the deserts in which Velociraptor lived. This later, fertile flood plain supported a much larger variety of dinosaurs, including giant forms which were absent in the deserts.

Therizonosaurus 8/10 replica model. Unusually large. From the rare dinosaur of Cretaceous Khazakistan and Inner Mongolia.

Resin Casting

Size: 23"

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