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 Wild Safari Megalodon Toy Model 

Known to be the largest prehistoric shark that ever lived, there is no mistaking the Megalodon as it swims through the water. The Megalodon was almost 60 feet in length! It probably looked like a larger, heavier version of the living great white shark. It was one of the most powerful predators that ever lived.

Like living sharks, megalodon had a skeleton made of cartilage, which does not fossilize well. Because of this, we have mostly teeth and vertebrae. The teeth are large (up to 7 inches in length), triangular in shape, with serrations on both cutting edges. By comparing these to the teeth and vertebrae of living sharks, we can estimate the actual size of a whole megalodon. 

Wild Safari® Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life were created for the dinosaur lover in all of us.

Measurement: 7.02' x 4.19' x 0.00' ( 18.00 cm x 10.75 cm x cm )

Ages: 3+

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