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Clean Water Science Kit


Have a child who’s concerned about the environment? Especially about saving water? We have the perfect kit to teach them the basic skills needed to save the planet! With the Clean Water Science Kit kids will learn about out planets water resources. Your inspiring environmentalist will learn how to clean and reuse dirty and unsanitary water through incredible interesting water purification experiments. They will no longer be like the Terk from Tarzan have to ask, “Mom, are you sure this water is sanitary? It looks questionable to me!” Instead, they will know all about water purification and whether or not it’s safe to drink water they find when out exploring with friends. With this awesome green science kit, kids will also build their own water filtration and desalination plant and use it to disinfect water and extract salt from sea water via solar power. Saving the environment is a hard concept to grasp, but this clean water kit presents it on a level easy for kids to understand. Dress your young scientist in their goggles and lab coat then let them have at it. The learning experience in the kid’s science kit is unbelievable. This children’s science kit provides a firsthand educational experience they can’t get anywhere else. Not only an at home project, teachers can use them in the classroom for a fun experiment or kids can use this kit as the basis for a science fair project. No matter what the occasion, kids will be amazed by what they learn about saving the environment through the Clean Water Science Kit!


This Green Science Kit includes:

  • Plastic filter system
  • Active carbon
  • Sand
  • Rock
  • Filter paper
  • Instructions


All you have to add is water!


Note to Parents: This kit is no intended a filtering device for drinking water. Do not drink the water purified with this kit. Adult supervision is required as some experiments involve hot water.


Recommended for ages 8 and up.


Awards: Parents Choice Recommended


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