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Iguanodon Thumb Spike

The Iguanadon lived in the Early Cretaceous Period in present-day Englnd, Germany, Belgium, North Africa, and the United States. The earliest discovered teeth resembled those of the present-day iguana, giving the dinosaur its name, meaning, "Iguana toothed." 

The Iguanadon was around 45 feet long, 16 feet tall, and weighed up to 5 tons. The iguanodon was a herbivore. They likely lived in herds, as fossils are often found congregated together. It is suspected the Iguanodon could walk on two legs, or all four legs, if it desired. It was a very slow dinosaur, though, and could likely only run about 12 miles per hour. 

This is a very realistic replica of an iguanodon thumb spike. It was a sharp defensive weapon attached to the thumb.

Casting is 5" long.

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by Chris
on 3/17/2022
from Halstead
Great Replica by an excellent and afforable service with fast paced delivery
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