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Duckbill Dinosaur Skin Impression Replica


The "duckbilled dinosaurs" were common in the Upper Cretaceous of Europe, Asia, and North America. They were members of the Ornithopoda, and close relatives and possibly descendants of the earlier iguanodontid dinosaurs. Early interpretations of fossil skin impressions suggested that hadrosaur feet were webbed. Recent hypotheses, more consistent with what we know about the structure of ornithopod feet, suggest that hadrosaurs had pads similar to those seen on camel feet. Their stiff tails, supported by ossified tendons, and their sturdy bones and rapidly replaced teeth suggest that hadrosaurs spent most of their time on land, though close to bodies of water, feeding on tough terrestrial plants. 

Cast of an impression found with semi-aquatic Duckbill dinosaur. Cretaceous Hell Creek formations of Montana, USA and Alberta, Canada.


Resin Casting is 5.5" x 4".

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