• 2018 Wild Safari Anzu Wyliei Toy Model

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2018 Wild Safari Anzu Wyliei Toy Model

The Anzu Wyliei was the first well-known fossil evidence of oviraptorosaur in the United States. It was discovered in present-day North and South Dakota. It has a prominent crest on its forehead, a specialized beak, and was likely covered in feathers.  The Anzu Wyliei measures over 10 feet long. 

 The Anzu Wyliei was first discovered in 1998, but was not studied and described until 2014. Until the Anzu Wyliei was discovered, oviraptorosaurus were only known in Asia. The specialized beak suggests the Anzu Wyliei ate a wide variety of foods, such as eggs, plants, and small animals. 

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