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Beeposh Wally Dinosaur
Beeposh Wally Dinosaur
by Melissa and Doug

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  Wild Watchers 7" Stuffed T-Rex
Wild Watchers 7
by Wild Republic

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  Baby Dinosaur Softasaurus Cera
Baby Dinosaur Softasaurus Cera
by International Playthings

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Itsy Bitsy T-Rex 5"
Itsy Bitsy T-Rex 5
by Wild Republic

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There’s no better place to get a soft and cuddly best friend for your child than right here at Store for Knowledge. Our stuffed and plush dinosaur category features all of your favorite dinosaurs like the T-Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, and Stegosaurus in a wide variety of colors. In our collection you will also find some more unusual dinosaurs like the Ankylosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Utahraptor, and Pteranodon available for purchase. There are even two value bag sets where you can get five or even ten dinosaurs at a super low price. All the stuffed dinosaurs in our collection are high quality and durable, able to hold up against the rowdiest of kids. By going with a stuffed dinosaur versus a classic plastic one, parents are reassured of their children’s safety with the soft animal. Most of the dinosaurs are rated for ages 3 and up making them great for almost any dinosaur lover. Get your child their very own stuffed or plush dinosaur today!

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Box of Rocks, rocks and minerals, kids box of rocks, rock kit, rock collection

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