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Carnegie Collection Saltasaurus Dinosaur Toy Model
Carnegie Collection Saltasaurus Dinosaur Toy Model
by Safari

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  Carnegie Collection Tyrannosaurs Rex (original) Dinosaur Toy Model
Carnegie Collection Tyrannosaurs Rex (original) Dinosaur Toy Model
by Safari

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First released in 1989 the Carnegie Dinosaur Toy Model Collection featured 17 vinyl scale model dinosaurs.  Over the years the Carnegie Collection has produced 49 different species of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life for people’s enjoyment. Today collectors will find 32 different Carnegie replicas on the market as several models have been retired over the years. Sculpted and authenticated under the guidance of the Carnegie Museum of Natural history in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, each model is carefully hand-painted ensuring no two are exactly alike. Before 1996 the models were cast from a gray material, covered with paint corresponding to the base color of the finished product, then the hand painted fine details were added. However, in 1996 Carnegie’s process was changed and the models were cast from material the color of the animal’s base color then the finer details were painted directly on the material giving the replicas more detail and less shine. With a majority of the models built on a 1:40 scale, most replicas in the Carnegie collection are between 3 and 24 inches in length. Each reproduction features an informational hang tag that provides scientific details collected about the animal the represented by the model. Appealing to children and adults alike, the Carnegie collection is both fun and educational. These awe inspiring replicas make excellent decorations for the home or office. Science teachers love using these brilliant reproductions as teaching tools. Kids are intrigued by these amazing replicas and are sure to want to know more about the animals they depict.  All in all the possibilities are endless.


It has taken countless hours of hard work and dedication to put out such a high quality line of replicas over the years and Carnegie hasn’t done it all on their own. Since the beginning they have been partnered with a company called Safari Ltd, which was founded in 1980, to produce the Carnegie dinosaur collection. Though Safari Ltd. has done work on their own dinosaur lines over the years. The Carnegie collection remains their most distinguished line of dinosaur toy models.


The Carnegie Museum of Natural History that sculpts and authenticates the models for the Carnegie Collection is one of four Carnegie Museum’s in Pittsburg. The Museum of Natural History’s mission is to collect and care for specimens and artifacts that document the history of life here on Earth. Through their research and collection the museum generates new knowledge about earth and promotes stewardship of its natural resources. With a mix of public exhibitions, programs, and educational partnerships the museum share’s their research and findings with the public in an attempt to enhance the world’s scientific literacy. To take a closer look at the museum’s activities and to plan personal visits check out their web site at www.carnegiemnh.org.


Following is a list of models that have been part of the Carnegie line at some point.


#400-01 Stegosaurus 

#401-01 Tyrannosaurus rex 

#402-01 Brachiosaurus 

#403-01 Apatosaurus 

#404-01 Apatosaurus baby 

#405-01 Parasaurolophus 

#406-01 Triceratops 

#407-01 Allosaurus 

#408-01 Australopithecus male – Retired in 1996

#409-01 Australopithecus female – Retired in 1996

#410-01 Diplodocus 

#411-01 Maiasaura – Retired in 1996

#412-01 Euoplocephalus – Retired in 1997

#413-01 Dimetrodon – Retired in 1997

#414-01 Pteranodon 

#415-01 Protoceratops – Retired in 1996

#416-01 Smilodon – Retired in 1997


#417-01 Deinonychus – Retired in 1997

#418-01 Pachycephalosaurus – Retired in 2002


#419-01 Elasmosaurus 

#420-01 Mosasaurus – Retired in 1999


#421-01 Iguanodon 

#422-01 Spinosaurus 


#423-01 Corythosaurus – Retired in 2009


#424-01 Dilophosaurus pair – Retired in 2009


#425-01 Plateosaurus 


#4000-01: Stegosaurus 

#4001-01: Tyrannosaurus 

#4002-01: Brachiosaurus 

#4003-01: Apatosaurus 

#4004-01: Apatosaurus baby 

#4005-01: Parasaurolophus 

#4006-01: Triceratops .

#4007-01: Allosaurus 

#4010-01: Diplodocus 

#4014-01: Pteranodon 

#4018-01: Pachycephalosaurus – Retired

#4019-01: Elasmosaurus 

#4020-01: Mosasaurus – Retired

#4021-01: Iguanodon 

#4022-01: Spinosaurus 

#4023-01: Corythosaurus – Retired

#4024-01: Dilophosaurus – Retired

#4025-01: Plateosaurus 

#4026-01: Deinosuchus 

#4027-01: Maiasaura and nest 


#4028-01: Carnotaurus 

#4029-01: Kronosaurus 

#4030-01: Saltasaurus 


#4031-01: Quetzalcoatlus 

#4032-01: Deltadromeus – Retired in 2009

#4033-01: Baryonyx 


#4034-01: Psittacosaurus – Retired in 2004

#4035-01: 10th Anniversary Commemorative Tyrannosaurus 


#4036-01: Triceratops 

#4037-01: Tanystropheus 


#4038-01: Dimetrodon 

#4039-01: Acrocanthosaurus – Retired in 2010


#4040-01: Styracosaurus – Retired in 2005

#4041-01: Camarasaurus 


#4042-01: Woolly Mammoth 

#4043-01: Velociraptor


#4044-01: Albertosaurus 

#4045-01: Sinraptor – Retired in 2009


#4046-01: – Retired in 2009

#4047-01: Ankylosaurus 


#4049-01: Beipiaosaurus 

#4050-01: Microraptor 

#4212-01: Caudipteryx 

#4213-01: Dilong 


#4052-01: Amargasaurus 

#4053-01: Oviraptor 

#4101-01: Tanystropheus 

#4106-01: Velociraptor 

#4108-01: Iguanodon 

#4109-01: Allosaurus 

#4110-01: Spinosaurus 

#4111-01: Parasaurolophus 

#4115-01: Triceratops 

#4116-01: Quetzalcoatlus 

#4117-01: Elasmosaurus 

#4118-01: Carnotaurus 

#4119-01: Stegosaurus 

#4120-01: Brachiosaurus 


#4054-01: Diplodocus 

#4122-01: Giganotosaurus 


#4215-01: Tylosaurus 

#4216-01: Spinosaurus 


#4217-01: Ichthyosaurus 

#4218-01: Cryolophosaurus

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