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Smithsonian Bio Dome Habitat Triops
Smithsonian Bio Dome Habitat Triops
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Looking for an incredibly unique pet for your child? We’ve got just what you need right here in the Store for Knowledge sea monkey collection. With these amazing kits kids can grow their own classic pet sea monkey! Besides just the fun of growing your own sea monkey, these kits provide kids with an education experience as they learn all about the life cycle while they watch their sea monkey eggs grow and develop. Beyond just a unique pet, children’s sea monkeys make great show and tell items they can share with all of their friends. Teachers can use these sea monkey hatching kit as a classroom activity and keep the sea monkey as a pet for their students. These classic sea monkeys even add a unique touch to a vet or doctor’s office. Give your kid the coolest pet on the block with a sea monkey kit from Store for Knowledge!


What exactly is a Sea Monkey?

Sea Monkeys are a very unique species of brine shrimp. Through a lot of research scientist have unlocked the secret to their life cycle and created a formula that will keep them alive in the home environment. After all the research, testing, and crossbreeding a hybrid form of the brine shrimp, that we call the Sea Monkey, was created. With a lifespan of about 2 years, Sea Monkeys make the perfect pets. When first hatched, these tiny critters are no bigger than the period that will end this sentence, making it easy to overlook them. If you can’t see it at in the beginning, don’t throw your kit away. Give the little guy a few weeks and let him grow. After 4 weeks they will be ½ to ¾ of an inch long. At this point they will begin to reproduce, giving your more adorable sea monkeys. 

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Happy Birthday Gift Bag - 10 Break Open Your Own Moroccan Geodes

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Box of Rocks, rocks and minerals, kids box of rocks, rock kit, rock collection

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Windmill Generator Green Science Kit, science kits, green science, windmill toy, windmill kit, toysm

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