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The MyWebRC Eye Copter is a 15" inch radio control helicopter with built-in video recording and photograph camera. It's very easy to learn how to fly, it's perfect for indoors and it can also be flown outdoors (with no wind/breeze). It comes with a helipad, mini sd card and usb charging cable to download videos and photographs to computer. Keep reading to learn more.


15" inch radio control helicopter with built-in video recording and photograph camera




The built-in camera, two rotors, gyro technology, 3-channels (3D control/direction), and aluminum-frame makes it the perfect rc toy helicopter for very first time beginners who want to record video or snap pictures while on their rc flying adventure.The two rotors produce a gyroscopic effect that helps stabilize the helicopter. On top of this the Eye Copter comes with a gyro which provides for amazing stability and control. From the remote you can make the helicopter move within 3 different channels: up/down, rotate left/right, and fly forward/backward. On the remote, you also get a video record button to start/stop video recording and a photo button to snap pictures. The remote also includes a trim knob to adjust for when the helicopter is rotating when hovering. It also includes a set of replacement blades (rotor / propeller), a spare tail-rotor(blade), built-in video and photograph camera, mini sd card, usb camera cable, and an ac-charger. There's more! Read along.

On top of all of this, the Bullet Copter also includes a MyWebRC webCard to unlock a virtual rc helicopter to fine tune your rc flying skills in an online 3d simulator/game.

Product dimensions and specs:

Length:15 in
Main rotor diameter:13.25 in
Gross weight:2.4 lb
Camera:2 gb memory, 640 x 480 resolution
Experience level:Beginner
Recommended environment:indoor or outdoor (no wind/breeze)
Is assembly required?No
Battery:3.7v 1000mAH (included)
Controller battery:4 AA batteries
Charging time:60 - 100 minutes
Flying time:8 - 10 minutes
Flying Range:80 - 100 ft
3 Channel control:up/down, left/right, and forward, backward
Frecuencies:Available in 49MHz or 27 MHz


In the box:

1 x helicopter (w/ built-in camera)

1 x controller

1 x ac charger

1 x built-in camera

1 x micro sd card

1 x usb camera cable (mini usb to usb)

1 x spare tail-blade (rotor)

2 x spare blades (rotor)

2 x buckles

1 x mini screw driver

1 x helipad

1 x MyWebRC webCard for access to rc game/simulator

1 x instruction manual

Built-in Camera (Video & Photo)

The Eye Copter comes equipped with a built-in camera that can be controlled from the helicopter's controller. On the controller there are two different buttons, one to control video (start/stop recording) and one to snap pictures.

Innovative technology

Breakthrough flight stability and control.

The new MyWebRC Gyro makes flying the Eye Copter a walk in the park. Flying an RC Heli has never been so intuitive. Simply take-off and the Gyro will do most of the work for you. Once you master hovering and going from point a to point b you'll be ready to start recording video and taking pictures.

It’s very easy to fly

Designed for first-time rc pilots. ( boys, girls, or adults)

If you never had the pleasure of flying an rc toy helicopter, the Eye Copter is a great helicopter to start on. It's very easy to fly and the added functionality of having a built-in video and photograph camera adds a whole new dimension to your rc flying adventure.

RC Video-Game

Fine tune your RC skills online.

The fun does not have to end once the toy runs out of batteries. The Eye Copter includes a MyWebRC web-code! Play/practice on the online game/simulator while you recharge your helicopter.

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