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Side Tooth of Tyrannosaurus Rex Replica
Side Tooth of Tyrannosaurus Rex Replica
by CollectA

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 Are your kids always amazed by the dinosaur fossil castings they see at school or in people’s offices? Why not get them their very own! At Store for Knowledge we offer a wide collection of dinosaur fossil castings for tons of different dinos. We have classic tooth replicas from dinosaurs like the T-Rex, Dilophaosaurus, Camarasaurus and more. There are all kinds of cool claw replicas from dinos like the Allosaur, T-Rex, Deinonychus, and tons of others. Ever seen a skin impression before? We have some! Get your very own Duckbill Dino skin casting right here. Our collection features numerous skull castings, a few skeleton replicas, and even a T-Rex brain impression. There’s a few other odd and end casting in the mix too like an Oviraptor egg and an ancient fish replica!

Most of the castings in the Store for Knowledge collection come from one of two distributors:

Toysmith Dinosaur Castings:

The Toysmith Company offers a 344 page catalog containing over 1,500 different toys! Their dinosaur fossil castings line features museum quality dinosaur fossil replicas. The Toysmith product line includes a variety of dinosaur favorites like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, and Stegosaurus.

Valley Anatomical Preparations Inc. Castings:

Valley Anatomical is our other fossil casting distributor. They are a leading supplier of contemporary fossil skull and skeleton replicas. What began in San Fernando Valley 35 years ago, the company is now located is Antelope Valley and are liscensed by several museums in the west coast area. The mold maker and preparatory, Mary Odano, has been in the business for 20 years and she and her staff produce museum-quality replicas from around the world!




Give your child their very own fascinating dinosaur fossil casting from the Store for Knowledge collection today!

Store For Knowledge BBB Business Review

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Wild Safari Rhamphorhynchus Toy Model 2010, dinosaur toys, kids dinosaur toys, toy dinosaur model

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Windmill Generator Green Science Kit, science kits, green science, windmill toy, windmill kit, toysm

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Happy Birthday Gift Bag - 10 Break Open Your Own Moroccan Geodes

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