• One Calymene Trilobite - 2.5" x 1.75"

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One Calymene Trilobite

You will receive one like the ones shown in the photo. The photos provided are representative of these fossils, but are not of the exact specimens that you will receive.

approx. 2.5" x 1.75"

Fossils of this species have been found in the Silurian sediments of the United States. Most specimens have been found in New York and Oklahoma. Trilobites were a very diverse group of extinct marine arthropods. They first appeared in the fossil record in the Early Cambrian (521 million years ago) and went extinct during the Permian mass extinction (250 million years ago). They were one of the most successful of the early animals on our planet with over 25k described species, filling nearly every evolutionary niche. Due in large part to a hard exoskeleton (shell), they left a excellent fossil record.

Ages 8+


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