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Large Whole Break Open Geode 6" Softball Size

Moroccan Geode 

Great size for display.  We included pictures of one we cut open to give you an example of what they can look like.  You can also use a hammer and/or chisel to break them open as well.

Actual shapes and sizes vary. Circle, oval, oblong, etc.

Average size: 6"

Average weight 4-5 lbs

Being of a larger size their may be chips and some crystals showing.

Some geodes will be more hollow than others.  Some may be solid with crystals.  Being a natural product it is hard to tell.  

Alot of our customers put the geode in a cloth bag and hit it with a hammer.  Some people do get fancy and use a tile saw for a straight split.  

Color: Most of the quartz is white to clear in color.  Some people do dye them different colors.

Always wear protectiv eye wear.

Ages 8+.  Adult supervision required.


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by Dennis
on 10/8/2019
filled with crystals
i oreded a few  moroccan Geods , every one of them was more amazing inside , so i had to make another order, and  bought  2  soft Ball size ,, all i can say is they were  fantastic inside , so far with both orders i was not disappointed once , in face it only make  me want to   make  another order very soon again,  store for knowledge i am hooked on they have  the best quality Geods  ever . 
by Talya
on 1/30/2019
from Los Angeles
This was the first geode I've ever bought. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but I was AMAZED to see what was inside. So sparkling beautiful. I'm probably going to buy a couple more!
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