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Gigantosaurus Tooth Replica

Resin Casting

From the "Giant Reptile Of The South". A carnosaur larger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Carcharadontosaurus. The 45 foot/14 meter theropod was discovered in Patagonia, Argentina near Plaza Huincul in the Jurasic Rio Limay formation of 100 MYA. The Giganotosarus had a carnivorous diet and lived during the Cretaceous period in South America. This was the largest meat eating dinosaur to ever live and was even larger than T-rex and it was even faster than the T-rex. It most likely hunted animals and prey far larger than itself. 

This product is approximately 7.5 inches long. It feautres fine details that beautifully replicate real Giganotosaurus teeth.


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