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Discover With Dr Cool Megalodon Tooth Casting
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Universal Specialties Huge Realistic 5.5 Inch Carcharodon Megalodon Tooth Fossil Natural Colors (Casting)

The Carcharodon megalodon was the largest Shark to swim the depths of Earth's waters. This replica of an actual fossil gives you the opportunity to examine and study the fossil as if it were right in your hands. Many professors and prehistoric enthusiasts use replicas to learn because of the extreme rareness of actual fossils. Whether you plan to use this tooth for study, showcasing, artwork or play you will not be disappointed.
Discover With Dr Cool Jurassic Creature Model

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  • ♥【LIFELIKE DETAIL DINOSAUR TOYS】 This jurassic toy is uniquely molded textures and richly painted details bring them to life and help inspire creativity for kids. Multiple vibrant colors arouse children's interests at a large extent. Ideal party favor or gift for a dinosaur themed birthday party.
  • ♥【EDUCATIONAL AND FUN DINOSAUR TOYS】 perfect for providing hours of endless imaginative fun as well as developing growing minds!The dinosaur's uniquely modeled textures will help spark your child’s curiosity for science. Don’t miss this opportunity for early developmental growth, and consider dinosaur sets that are more than just fun.
  • ♥【IMAGINATIVE PLAY DINOSAUR TOY】 Including the Pterodactyl 
  • ♥【DURABILITY - Solid DINOSAUR TOYS】 DINOSAUR TOY drop-resistant, Durable enough to be used indoors or out. Ideal collectible wildlife animal models for collectors. Exquisite packaging for dinosaur toy set.
Welcome everyone to the Store for Knowledge dinosaur toys category. If you are looking for anything dinosaur related, you’re almost sure to find it here! Within our dinosaur collection you will find hundreds of dinosaur gifts, toys, games, models, replicas, play sets, puzzles, and more! A love for paleontology and geology was part of the inspiration that lead founder Paul Baker to create Store for Knowledge back in 2001. The original company (called eDinos.com at first) featured only a dinosaur toy collection. Though we have vastly expanded since then, we here at Store for Knowledge still take great pride in our line of dinosaur toys. As a leading retailer in dinosaur related items we carry almost everything related to the subject of paleontology. We also search constantly for any new educational dinosaur toys to add to our website. 

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Snap Circuits Pro 500 Experiments (Dr. Toy Award Winner), snap circuits science kit set for kids
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