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Single, Medium Break-Your-Own Whole Unopened Geode


For a fun and unique project for your children or students try the Single, Medium Break-Your-Own Whole Unopened Geode. This medium individual geode ranges from 1 ½” to 2” in size and is super easy to break and examine. The hollow center of each whole geode is filled with beautiful sparkling crystals, unique to that particular geode. This fun unopened geode makes a great classroom science project, fun and easy for the science teacher, that lets everyone be a geologist. Get one for each of your students and allow them to experience the magic of breaking open their own geode. Need a project for your kids to do when they aren’t in school? The Single, Medium Break-Your-Own Whole Unopened Geode makes an excellent at home project with no special tools required. Your kids will be amazed at the surprise waiting inside their own unbroken geode. This all inclusive geode breaking kit includes a single, medium unopened geode, safety instructions for breaking the geode, and geological information on these natural wonders. With a little adult supervision, a child can be cracking open their Single, Medium Break-Your-Own Whole Unopened Geode in no time. Just imagine them staring in awe of the treasure inside and the abundance of possibilities the excitement of this fun activity could spark!


Geodes are geological rock formations which occur in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks. Geodes are essentially rock cavities or vugs with internal crystal formations or concentric banding. The exterior of the most common geodes is generally limestone or a related rock, while the interior contains quartz crystals and/or chalcedony deposits. Some geodes are completely filled with crystal, being solid all the way through.


Crystallization varies. Crack them open to see what’s within. Sizes range from 1 1/2" to 2".



80% of these geodes have hollow centers with crystals. Take a chance! You might be lucky.


Each Geode Sold Separately

Price includes only 1 Geode.


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by Savannah
on 4/25/2012
from Florida
I bought some Geodes for my class and they LOVED them!! They took it home and showed their parents and I have bottom so many thank you emails from them. So if you are a teacher learning about Geodes this would be an amazing experience for your kids to have and to take home. 
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