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Break Your Own Geodes Kit (10 unopened whole geodes per box)


Type: Tancas Geodes


For a fun and unique project for your children or students try out the Break You Own Geodes Kit. The geode kit contains 10 1”-2” geodes to break and examine. Simply place a geode in a bag or sock, give it a firm hit with a hammer (not included) and pull out your split geode. The center of each geode is filled with beautiful sparkling crystals, each one unique in its own way. This fun geode breaking kit makes a great classroom science project, fun and easy for the teacher, that lets everyone be a geologist. Throw a geology themed party and allow guests to take home a one of kind party favor with their own broken geode from the kit. Each Break You Own Geodes Kit includes 10 unbroken geodes and a label explaining the geological formation of geodes and providing safety instructions on how to break them open. With a little adult supervision a child can be using the Break You Own Geodes kit to crack open their one of a kind geode in no time. Imagine treasures they will find and the abundance of possibilities the excitement of this fun activity could spark! If you are looking for a more hollow type geode be sure to check out our moroccan geodes.


What exactly is a geode? Put simply, geodes are formed from fluids which crystallize in cavities within a rounded rock. These particular geodes were formed in Mexico.  


All About Geodes:


Geodes are geological rock formations which occur in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks. Geodes are essentially rock cavities or vugs with internal crystal formations or concentric banding. The exterior of the most common geodes is generally limestone or a related rock, while the interior contains quartz crystals and/or chalcedony deposits. Some geodes are completely filled with crystal, being solid all the way through. Geodes are formed in hollow cavities within rocks that got there from some type of explosive gas, or empty spaces in the earth left from rotted roots of trees or animal dens, or trapped gasses. Groundwater circulation precipitated into these cavities depositing minerals in the spaces, and eventually over millions of years later these structures were formulated. During that time, different minerals acted on these geodes producing various colors. The most common mineral found in these geodes is quartz and come in colors of pink (rose), clear, (crystal), and purple (amethyst), according to the Utah Geological Survey. There are a wide array of colors these geodes come in naturally. Geodes are mainly found in the following states: Utah, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Southern California and Iowa, among other places. In addition, geodes are also found in Namibia, Mexico and Brazil. Iowa in particular is host to the renowned Keokuk geodes, containing up to 17 different minerals. Minerals give geodes their color. Formations are found in a 35-square-mile geode bank vault, so to speak. Located around Keokuk, Iowa, the geodes are famous worldwide.


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by Jenny
on 2/16/2011
from MA
Interesting fun!
Well, I read the other reviews for this item. And I agree with the bad reviews and I agree with the good reviews also! If your looking for huge beautiful geodes forget it. They are really small, golf ball size. But all of them had some crystals in them. Nothing special to me as an adult. But...to my grandson, who is 8 and his brother who is 10, they were the most fun they have ever had! 
He and his brother were busy for an hour outside stuffing one after another into a sock and hitting them with a hammer! Then they would pick up each small piece and study it, and they would sort them by which on they thought had the best crystal in it. They LOVED it! 
This toy is about as much fun as you can imagine it would be for two little boys! They got to break stuff with a hammer, that in it's self for two small boys, is worth it's weight in gold. But as an extra bonus, there were cool looking crystals inside of the rocks!! You may not think this is a great toy if your an adult, but I guarantee, for children it's definitely great fun for a kid! 
The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because the way they advertise it you'd think your going to get these huge beautiful crystals! Your not. And I feel that it's kind of a lot of money for a few small rocks. But then, I'm looking at it through an adults eyes. 
So if you can remember what it was like as a child and try to see things through their eyes you won't go wrong with this little box of wonderful fun! 
I can still hear them downstairs right now, still arguing over which one has the best crystals! LOL 
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