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Whale Shark Monterey Bay Aquarium Model Toy

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Whale Shark Monterey Bay Aquarium Model Toy


The Whale Shark Monterey Bay Aquarium Model Toy is one of the many brilliant replicas in the world’s premier line of vinyl sea life model toys. Sculpted under the direction of the curators and educators of the renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, this beautiful 10.25 inch sea life model is a true marvel. Authentically crafted on a 1:40 scale, each sea life toy model is carefully hand painted and accompanied with a 5 language data hang tag providing information on Whale Sharks. This magnificent reproduction makes a great decoration for an ocean themed room or office. Teachers will really enjoy using this life like sea model to provide a fun and unique learning experience in the classroom. Kids and adults alike can collect the Whale Shark and the entire Monterey Bay line all the while bringing the marvels of the ocean into the home or classroom without getting wet. Get your kids interested in amazing ocean life with the Whale Shark Monterey Bay Aquarium Model Toy!


All About Whale Sharks

Ever wondered what the biggest fish in the ocean is? The whale shark is the answer! Often mistaken for a whale species the whale shark is in fact the largest shark species and overall fish species in the ocean. With an enormous mouth that can reach up to 4 feet wide these sharks can swallow a human whole! Lucky for us, whale sharks are filter feeders with their usual prey including plankton, krill, small fish and squid. Generally, whale sharks are considered harmless to humans and usually aren’t even a problem for divers. Up to 46 feet long and tipping the scales at up to 15 tons this is one monster that could scare you out of the water anyway! Though gigantic, whale sharks are incredibly slow moving only 3 miles per hour. This slow pace means it takes them quite some time to get anywhere. However, good news is whale sharks can live from 100 to 150 years so they’ve got plenty of time to get around!

Monterey Bay and Attractions

The beautiful Monterey Bay is a Pacific Ocean bay located along the central coast of California between Santa Cruz and Monterey. Monterey Bay is home to a mass variety of marine animals like seals, dolphins and otters and is even on the migratory path of some whale species. Multiple species of fish, sharks, and similar marine life inhabit the Bay along with several varieties of kelp that grow into enormous kelp forest.  Another interesting feature of Monterey Bay is the Monterey Canyon, one of the world’s largest underwater canyons. Beyond its sheer natural beauty, visitors are also attracted to Monterey Bay to peruse the Monterey Bay Aquarium. With around 550 species of marine life on display, visitors can spend all day exploring the awe inspiring exhibits the aquarium has to offer. From turtles and jelly fish to their own kelp forest the Monterey Bay Aquarium presents the natural beauty of the bay in a safe and organized environment that visitors of all ages are sure to enjoy. 

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