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 If you’re looking for the ultimate building experience for your kids look no further than the Store for Knowledge UBERSTIX collection. UBERSTIX building kits work independently or in concert and use recycled materials like straws, water bottles, paper clips, and more to create amazing buildings and structures. With UBERSTIX kits kids can construct buildings taller than them, bridges that support working trains, boats that float and sail, planes that fly, UberFO’s that hover, and more. UBERSTIX give kids a hand-on learning experience in geometry, math, engineering, and basic physics concepts. If your child is an aspiring architect, scientist or engineer UBERSTIX versatile construction system are perfect for them. With the UBERBOTS in our collection kids can create super fighting robots that incorporates jabs and hooks and can even speak programmed Japanese phrases to conquer its opponent. These digitally controlled robots can be upgraded after being defeated in battle to come back even stronger and with the six changeable digital frequencies you can battle up to six UBERBOTS at once! The learning and fun experiences are endless with UBERSTIX and UBERBOTS from the Store for Knowledge collection. 

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Prehistoric Fossil Camel Tooth in Box

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Windmill Generator Green Science Kit, science kits, green science, windmill toy, windmill kit, toysm

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Solar Rover Kidz Lab Scince Kit by Toysmith, science toys, green science kit, kids science kit

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