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Science is one of the most fascinating subjects that kids get to study, but textbook learning gets old after a while. Now you can bring the science lessons from the book to life for your students or children with the Store for Knowledge science kits collection. We offer hundreds of fun and engaging science kits that will give your kids a chance for a hands on science experiment. Our incredible collection features kits on all the most popular science subjects so there’s sure to be a kit to fit everyone’s interests. We offer kits involving chemistry, solar energy, wind energy, weather, water, robotics, electronics and so much more. These science kits provide kids with a firsthand learning experience they can’t get anywhere else. Kid’s critical thinking is challenged as they learn about complex science on a level easy for them to understand. These amazing science kits bring vast concepts like solar energy and weather into the palms of their hands. Our science kits are great for both at home projects and classroom learning. Use them as a basis for a science fair project or an excellent teaching aid for the classroom. Let kids learn in a whole new way by bringing textbook lessons to life with science kits from Store for Knowledge. 

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Box of Rocks, rocks and minerals, kids box of rocks, rock kit, rock collection

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Happy Birthday Gift Bag - 10 Break Open Your Own Moroccan Geodes

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Windmill Generator Green Science Kit, science kits, green science, windmill toy, windmill kit, toysm

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