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Schleich Dinosaur Triceratops Toy Model

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New 2012 Schleich Dinosaur Triceratops Toy Model


Fun Facts:


This nine metre long dinosaur measuring twelve tons was a well-fortified, massively armed herbivore.


  • Conservation Status: extinct
  • Global Home: North America  
  • Primary Habitat: forest

Although the Triceratops looked menacing, it fed on plants and trees. As a herbivore, it was hunted by Tyrannosaurus Rex. The front part of its jaw was shaped like a parrot's beak which it used to tear apart the plants it ate. The Triceratops had three horns made of keratin, the same protein fingernails and hair are made of. The horns over its eyes were nearly a metre long. Because its head weighed as much as a small car and made up almost one third of its body, it also had a very heavy tail to keep its ten metre long body in balance. Its legs were very strong, like those of a modern elephant.


Ages 3+

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