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Store for Knowledge is dedicated to providing outstanding gardening gifts to enhance the outdoor experience for your children. We work hard to ensure that our customers always get what they deserve — the very best in quality, competitive pricing and customer service. Within our two categories, kids gardening tools and toys and kids gardening apparel, we provide everything parents need to get kids outside and active in the gardening process.


Our kids gardening tools and toys collection meets all your kids gardening needs by providing you with the best selections of kids garden toys, gardening tools, kids garden rakes, kids brooms, kids shovels, gardening toys and much more. With the gardening experience kids get from these tools and toys they learn to make good food choices, stimulating social interaction, augmenting classroom studies with experiential learning, building a love of nature, facilitating cultural exchange, and more.

Within our kids gardening apparel collection we have everything kids need to look and feel like a real experienced gardener like gloves, boots, hats, and eco friendly water bottles. While providing the fun of playing the role of a gardener, our apparel is also functional as it protects kids from the harmful elements gardening exposes them to.


Together our two categories allow children to have an amazing experience with gardening. Get them started with the Store for Knowledge kids gardening collection today and you’ll be amazed by the fun and educational learning experiences that can come from a little digging in the dirt. 

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Box of Rocks, rocks and minerals, kids box of rocks, rock kit, rock collection

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Solar Rover Kidz Lab Scince Kit by Toysmith, science toys, green science kit, kids science kit

$20.00 $18.99
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Prehistoric Fossil Camel Tooth in Box

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