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From toddlers in a crawl to kids up walking tall it’s no secret that most children are completely fascinated by bugs at some point, however parents usually aren’t too crazy about these creepy crawlies. Kids beg and plea to catch and keep them in the house to “play” with, but you know that means a bunch of random bugs roaming free in their room. So what’s the solution? How about a replica? Here at Store for Knowledge you will find a variety of realistic insect replicas in our insect replicas category that kids will love and you won’t have to worry about. There’s no concern of kids getting bitten or stung or of insects getting loose where they aren’t wanted. These cool insect replicas can be taken anywhere! They provide a unique learning experience by giving kids a up close look at the insects that amaze them due to the high quality of our replicas. Kids can even have fun with these realistic looking critters and use them for a practical joke or two! Some of our replicas aren’t quite realistic looking, but they provide kids with hours of fun!  Within our collection you will find a variety of individual insects like butterflies, ladybugs, spiders, and more. But why get just one? We offer a variety of sets that feature a number of kids favorite insects. There’s even a set of inflatable insects! Let your child play with some of the creepiest insects while taking the crawly part out of the equation with an insect replica from Store for Knowledge!

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Happy Birthday Gift Bag - 10 Break Open Your Own Moroccan Geodes

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Windmill Generator Green Science Kit, science kits, green science, windmill toy, windmill kit, toysm

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Wild Safari Rhamphorhynchus Toy Model 2010, dinosaur toys, kids dinosaur toys, toy dinosaur model

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