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Backyard Safari Critter Shack
Backyard Safari Critter Shack
by Alex Panline

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  GeoSafari Adventure Pens, Land Pen
GeoSafari Adventure Pens, Land Pen
by Educational Insights

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From the buzz of a honeybee to the chirp of a cricket most kids are absolutely fascinated by bugs! Whether just starting to crawl or walking tall, some kids just can get enough of these cool creepy crawlies. With the bug catchers and holders line here at Store for Knowledge kids can catch and keep their own collection of their favorite creatures. At home in the back yard or on the playground at school kids can use the items in our collection to gather all kinds of bugs to get a safe up close look at them for a cool hands on learning experience. Kids can keep their tiny friend as a pet or release it safely back into the ecosystem after studying it. Parents are often worried about kids interacting with bugs directly skin on…well bug. With the bug catchers in our category parents can be sure their kids are safe from harm when collecting their specimens. Within our line you will find a variety of nets in all shapes and sizes and even some bug specific catchers like the spider catcher. From classic jars, to bug houses, to pop-up portables we have everything kids need to store their bugs in. There are some incredibly cool kits in our collection too! Who doesn’t love the ever classic ant farm? How about your own ladybug or butterfly habitat? Well we have them all! For everything to catch and store the coolest creepy crawlies safely look no further than the Store for Knowledge bug catchers and holders category! 

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Happy Birthday Gift Bag - 10 Break Open Your Own Moroccan Geodes

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Windmill Generator Green Science Kit, science kits, green science, windmill toy, windmill kit, toysm

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Box of Rocks, rocks and minerals, kids box of rocks, rock kit, rock collection

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